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Don't stand under the overhead door

If there's something wrong with the garage door springs, the overhead door will slide down. If the springs suddenly break, the door will come down with force and if you're standing under the door, an injury might occur. This is the most vital safety tip offered by our professionals.

Lubricate the noisy parts

Noisy garage door parts might need repairs and are produced by rusty or damaged parts. Though, they quiet down with lubrication maintenance as well. Sometimes, this is all they need since noise is caused by friction. If the noise continues, they may require repairs or even replacement.

Get modern openers

Modern openers are awesome. First of all, you have plenty of options in terms of models, horsepower and accessories. They come with super great rolling code remotes! They have many excellent features and you can add as many accessories at any time. Security and safety are guaranteed.

Ascertain the CE compliance of the electric door operators you get

The electric garage door operator you get should be of high quality. To ensure high quality, our experts advise the checking for CE compliance. The unit should be checked and approved by the appropriate authorities. It should be equipped with the safety features expected in all modern garage door openers or operators.

Don’t run the garage door opener for too long

This may cause overheating. In this case, the motor will stop working and you will be able to use the opener again once the motor is cool enough. Usually, you will need to wait between 10 and 15 minutes. You should try to avoid this kind of situation as it can lead to permanent damage.

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