Repairs You Must Never Do

Repairs You Must Never Do

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Are you planning to repair garage door parts on your own? Don't! Do you think you have the knowledge to fix misaligned tracks or the sagging door? Don't trust your knowledge. Garage doors and their repairs are more than what the eye can see. Do you know how many people are actually getting seriously injured by trying to fix problems alone? There are things you can do and there are things you CANNOT do. The choice is yours but the dangers are always the same.

Repairs You Must Never Do

Don't do repairs along, Don't do repairs alone, Don't …

Okay, so you have learned how to check the balance of your overhead door! Does that make you an expert in garage door spring repair? Remember that all repairs related to parts under tension are dangerous. Don't fool yourself by thinking that the right clothes, tools and safety glasses would protect you if springs snap! There are thousands of people, who thought just like you, and ended up in the statistics list for garage door accidents. Do you want to join them? Probably not!

So, which parts are under tension? Springs for one! Though, springs are also connected with garage door cables. They're also under tension and their sudden snapping could lead to serious injuries, too. Having excluded all repairs related to both springs and cables, add to this list the bottom brackets, too. Since they're connected to the spring/cable system, if you try to remove or adjust them, you might accidentally release the tension of the spring system.

Since the bottom brackets are connected with the bottom garage door rollers, you shouldn't change them either for the same reason. Refrain from adjusting the tracks, too. Since they must be in a certain position, if you place them wrong the door will pop. Most certainly, if that happens, don't be a hero by trying to put it back. Under no circumstances should you interfere with the door whether it needs panel replacement or adjustment. Do you know how much it weighs?

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